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Your Gas Boiler During Winter

Chances are that your gas boiler is a valuable commodity in your home. Not only does it heat your water, but it also keeps you warm — especially during winter! It’s important not to neglect your boiler or forgo annual maintenance, lest you suffer frostbite on valuable appendages. Here are some tips to optimise your boiler for winter.

Keeping Your Gas Boiler Maintained

Gas condensing boiler models are 90% efficient, compared to the 50% of older, non-condensing models. This means they optimise the amount of fuel and resources they burn to produce heat in an environmental, cost-effective way. While they are superior to older models, the condensation technology can freeze the pipes, especially during winter. Keeping these pipes properly insulated will prevent this. You should also have your pressure checked once or twice a year. Our engineers can do this for you.

Is It Time To Replace My Gas Boiler?

You may need to consider replacing your boiler for winter. Boilers last between 10-15 years (depending on upkeep), so if it’s approaching the end of its days or showing signs of diminished functionality, it may be time to invest in a younger model. Symptoms of aging include leaking, poor heat distribution and loud, clanging noises. Regular engineer maintenance can bolster longevity, but newer models are more efficient than non-condensing ones. It can be expensive, but worth it in the long run.
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What About The Rest Of The Year?

If your home is well insulated and you don’t use your heating much, turning your heating on periodically throughout the year can alert you to any issues that need resolved before winter. Better to get your boiler fixed before you need it most.

Other Tips To Keep Your Toasty

There are other methods you can apply in your household to maximise heat output. Prevent furniture from blocking your radiators and bleed them periodically to remove air bubbles. If your radiators aren’t hot, this could be why. You can also improve insulation by checking seals on your doors and window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newer boiler models are designed with efficacy in mind. Even if you use your boiler more, your bills won’t skyrocket and you’ll produce less carbon dioxide emissions (which is always a win). Upgrading your boiler and keeping it maintained will save you in the long run.
A heat pump is environmentally sustainable and uses electricity, but they are more expensive and not as efficient during winter. They require more energy and insulation to produce heat in low temperatures, which can end up more costly than a gas boiler. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm during winter, a boiler does the job better.
Not if it’s serviced annually by our team of experienced heating engineers. It’s cheaper than replacing the entire unit when you need it most – especially during those blistering winter months.

Service Your Gas Boiler For Winter With Galsec

To ensure your boiler is in tip-top shape this winter, contact us for a free assessment. Our team of expert heating engineers will be able to resolve any issues and give you peace of mind for the long months ahead.

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