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Tips For Using A Combi Boiler

Tips For Using A Combi Boiler

Combi boilers have become the most popular choice in homes across the UK. They deliver both hot water and heat on demand, making it ideal for a modern home. With no need for a water tank it’s ideal as a space saving compact option. Knowing tips for using a combi boiler is important, you can have your boiler running perfectly in no time.

Combi Boilers And Your Heating

This is an obvious one, but don’t have your heating running all the time. Set the timer or only put the heating on when you need it. It will not only save you money but will improve your carbon footprint too and remember hot water is on demand anyway.

Boiler Smart App

Consider getting a smart app for your boiler. There will be no need to leave the boiler on whilst you are out of your home. With a simple app on your smart phone, you can control your heating from anywhere. They are also great for controlling temperature in your home too. Some are so smart your can even control the temperature in each room across your home. It’s the smart choice!

Save Money With Temperature

Set your combi boiler to the temperature to what it needs to be, even one degree out can influence your energy bills over a year. Find a comfortable temperature at around 18-21 degrees and that should be just right for most people’s homes.

Combi boilers usually have some element of control from the units themselves allowing you to adjust the temperature of the water that also flows through, which will be circulating around the central heating system and out of the taps. The typical temperature found to suit homes the best is on average 75 degrees for central heating and 60 degrees for domestic hot water.

Combi Boilers Exeter

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