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The Benefits Of A New Boiler Exeter

Benefits Of A New Boiler

Your boiler consumes the most energy in your house, 55 percent to be precise! Having an energy-efficient new boiler means you’re having the most bang for your buck all year. If your boiler hasn’t been replaced in the last ten years, it’s time to consider your options for ensuring your boiler is safe and not just wasting money.

Will Getting a New Boiler Save You Money

Since 2004, all boilers installed in the United Kingdom have been expected to use condensing technology. This means they use more combustion gases and generate more heat from the fuel. Is this saving you money? The simple answer is YES; new boilers are now 90 percent functional. So, on average, just 10p of every £1 spent is considered waste. Older boilers, on the other hand, operate at 50% efficiency, which is clearly a waste of fuel and resources.

Does My New Boiler Have A Guarantee?

Yes, the boilers we supply, as well as the majority of new boilers, come with a 10-year warranty. The terms of these warranties will vary, but in most cases, they will cover all parts and labour in the event of a breakdown.

Is The Boiler The Right Fit?

New boilers are usually smaller in size and can provide you with more room in several respects. Not to mention that they are much quieter. If the boiler is close to a bedroom, it can disrupt sleep; but, modern boilers are 65 percent quieter on average, and you will barely know they are there.

How Much Will My New Boiler Cost?

Each company will charge you in a different way and at a different cost, research is key and you should check any company you use is GasSafe registered when fitting a gas boiler.

We offer 3 ways to buy and install your new boiler! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

-0% Finance Over 2 years Interest Free Credit

-Spread The Cost Of Your New Boiler Over 10 Years

-Buy Now Pay Later On Your New Boiler

Click the above and discover how we can help get you a new & efficient boiler in no time. If you have any questions about a new boiler or boiler serving, feel free to contact Gaslec today.

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