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Is A Heating Engineer The Same As A Gas Engineer?

masked technician servicing an hot-water heater

If you’ve encountered an issue with your central heating, you might be wondering whether you should call a heating engineer or a gas engineer. It’s easy to confuse the two, but there is a difference. They can also overlap if someone is qualified to carry out both types of work. Read on to find out […]

Your Gas Boiler During Winter

Gloved hand turning gas boiler setting to high

Your Gas Boiler During Winter Chances are that your gas boiler is a valuable commodity in your home. Not only does it heat your water, but it also keeps you warm — especially during winter! It’s important not to neglect your boiler or forgo annual maintenance, lest you suffer frostbite on valuable appendages. Here are […]

Why This Summer Is A Good Time To Replace Your Gas Boiler

blonde lady on phone perplexed by boiler heater

Why do so many of GASLEC’s Landlord customers replace their gas boiler in the summer months and September? For some landlords, it’s about prevention rather than cure: their boiler has needed a few visits from a GASLEC engineer and worn out parts replaced: all in addition to the routine annual service. This is often a […]

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