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How To Maintain Your Boiler Between Boiler Servicing

happy boiler customer

Your boiler is an essential part of your home. Without hot water and central heating, our lives would be far less comfortable. In the UK, the majority of homes have a combi boiler, which can last for up to 15 years. This isn’t guaranteed, however. To preserve the lifespan of your system, you mustn’t forget […]

Is A Heating Engineer The Same As A Gas Engineer?

masked technician servicing an hot-water heater

If you’ve encountered an issue with your central heating, you might be wondering whether you should call a heating engineer or a gas engineer. It’s easy to confuse the two, but there is a difference. They can also overlap if someone is qualified to carry out both types of work. Read on to find out […]

Your Gas Boiler During Winter

Gloved hand turning gas boiler setting to high

Your Gas Boiler During Winter Chances are that your gas boiler is a valuable commodity in your home. Not only does it heat your water, but it also keeps you warm — especially during winter! It’s important not to neglect your boiler or forgo annual maintenance, lest you suffer frostbite on valuable appendages. Here are […]

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Saving energy in your home is not only good for your wallet, but it is also good for the world. Simple improvements will make your home more energy efficient in no time, lowering your bills over the course of the year. The bulk of these improvements can be introduced with limited intervention while also making […]

Choosing The Right Boiler Installer

Choosing The Right Boiler Installer

Choosing the right boiler installer is just as important as any contractor that makes repairs to your home. Boilers are an important part of your home, but they can be forgotten, having the perfect boiler installer in place when you are considering a replace is key. Which Boiler Installer To Pick A quick search on […]

Tips For Using A Combi Boiler

Tips For Using A Combi Boiler

Combi boilers have become the most popular choice in homes across the UK. They deliver both hot water and heat on demand, making it ideal for a modern home. With no need for a water tank it’s ideal as a space saving compact option. Knowing tips for using a combi boiler is important, you can […]

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