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Underfloor Heating Services In Exeter

Underfloor heating (UFH) is a heating system installed beneath your floor. Unlike radiators that work through air convention, these systems heat up your entire floor. GASLEC Exeter specialise in underfloor heating services, including installation and maintenance, for customers in Exeter, throughout East Devon and the surrounding areas.

UFH can be installed in new buildings as well as old homes during renovation and work well with different kind of floors. For the best results, an insulation system is installed in your house.

What are the advantages of Underfloor Heating?

1. Very efficient – UFH uses lower flow temperatures as compared to radiators. It covers a large surface area and warms the room efficiently.

2. Perfect for an open plan living – UFH systems installed underneath the floor do not need any wall space making them ideal for open plan living and areas where space is limited.

3. Safe – Installed beneath the floor, UFH has no exposed hot surfaces or sharp edges. It is also free from draughts and dust movements so is therefore safe for asthmatic people.

4. Comfortable – UFH gently emits heat upwards from the floor without leaving cold spots. UFH also gives a comfy feeling of warm feet by warming cold floor coverings.

Types of Underfloor Heating

Electric UFH works by having a thin electrical wire installed under the floor. When the system is on, the cable heats up the floor which then warms the room through radiation.
Wet UFH works by using warm water circulating through pipes that are laid down under the floor. It suits a broad range of projects, including a new build, a single area or an area that is getting renovated.

1. For a new build – Screed is often used in floor constructions for new builds, especially when UFH is likely to be installed. Screed is a good conductor of heat, from the tube to the floor surface, hence evenly warming the room. It has an excellent heat output and is a viable solution.

2. For a renovation – LoProTM from Nu-Heat is designed for retrofitting during renovations. The systems are laid on top of an existing floor directly to offer the highest heat outputs and minimum height build up.

3. For a joisted floors – For joisted floors, Nu-Heat offers a wide range of UFH solutions. Inserting the warming tube through the drilled joists provides efficient heat transfer. It is then pushed into ClippaPlateTM to hold it in place.

4. For a single area – Nu-Heat’s OneZoneTM UFH systems are the most preferred for installation in a single space.

Why choose GASLEC for Underfloor Heating Services in Exeter?

Here at GASLEC Exeter, we offer underfloor heating services to homeowners, landlords and Letting Agents across Exeter and the surrounding areas. If you have any issues or queries about your UFH, our staff will be available to give free advice. We pride ourselves on not only providing consistent and professional UFH services but also.

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