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Thermostats And Controllers

GASLEC Ltd Exeter Specialise in the Supply and Installation of Thermostats and Controllers. GASLEC Ltd, based in Exeter, have a wide range of Thermostats and Controllers that are available for a wide range of appliances and devices. Each of which can be installed by our very own Gas Safe trained Engineers.

At GASLEC, part of our wide range of electrical services in Exeter is concerned with the repair and replacement of heating control systems. Central-heating, water heaters, cookers and many other devices and appliances need to have correctly working thermostats and controllers, (controllers being the user controls that set the temperature or temperature range) to provide the desired temperature.

In cases of poor, or no, temperature control in any heating appliance, it’s either of these devices that are most likely to be at fault and in need of repair or replacement.

If you are experiencing problems with temperature control in any of your appliances, we can arrange to have one of our qualified electrical engineers check your appliance and confirm if either component is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

If new parts are required from the manufacturer, we will first arrange to provide you with a free, no obligation parts and labour quote for the repair or replacement and fitting of the unit into your appliance.

Repair and Replacement

If you decide to go ahead and accept our quote, you can be assured of our first class service. We will obtain any necessary parts from the manufacturer as quickly as possible and arrange for our engineers to refit your repaired thermostat or controller at a time that’s convenient foe you.

Excellent Rates and Service

Our charges are very reasonable and highly competitive. Our main priorities are quality of service and customer satisfaction, and we always recommend whatever is the best and most cost-effective course of action for our customers. Our prices, professional service, highly qualified and certified engineers, prompt response and our genuine comprehensive service make us the company of choice for our many valued customers in our home base of Exeter and surrounding areas.

We are qualified to service the following brands:

We are able to carry out repairs on the following systems:

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