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Radiator Repairs, Balancing And Flushing In Exeter And Devon

Are your radiators in need of servicing, repairing, balancing and flushing? If so, GASLEC Ltd have professional plumbers with an extensive breadth of knowledge to deal with any issues you may experience with your radiators and heating systems. Regular radiator servicing and maintenance will maximise the efficiency of your radiators ensuring they heat your property properly. So, if you live in Exeter or the surrounding areas and need your radiators servicing, contact GASLEC today.

Radiator Balancing

Every radiator has a “TRV” or Thermostatic Radiator Valve. This is the adjustable knob which regulates the flow of hot water through your heating system

The TRV works with the Flow Regulating Valve to control the temperature of each radiator within your heating system. Zone Control Valves also regulate the temperature of different areas of your home throughout the day.

A key problem that we encounter when investigating poor heating performance Is poor balancing of the radiators. To rectify this GASLEC set up and balance all of your Flow Regulation Valves, thermostats and boiler before adjusting your pump speed to provide the temperature you want in every room.

Radiator Flushing

Over time your radiators can succumb to a buildup of brown sludge which can reduce the radiators ability to emit heat and will affect the efficiency of your entire heating system.

A one-off Radiator Flush can remove these sludge deposits and restore your radiators to their original efficiency.

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