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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. If air in the system is the cause, you could try venting the air from the vent cap on the top of your radiator using a bleed key. As soon as water appears close the vent
  2. If this doesn’t cure the problem, the Thermostatic Radiator Valve Head (TRV) could be faulty. You can remove the Thermostatic Radiator Valve Head (in order to replace it) simply by unscrewing the nut at the bottom; don’t worry, no water will escape. You can then replace the faulty unit with a new one.

If neither 1 or 2 above enable your radiators to get hot, call GASLEC on 01392 460 000.

Typically, you should only be without hot water for 4 to 5 hours

An oil boiler needs to be serviced every year as it will generate soot.

During a service, GASLEC recommends replacing the fuel nozzle, cleaning the burner fire tube, heat exchanger and photo cell – and then to carry out a thorough test of the serviced boiler and the safety fire valve.

You can contact us directly and ask us to carry out the work (01392 460 000).

However, if your Letting Agent is an existing customer of GASLEC, we will out of courtesy contact them to let them know about your enquiry and establish if they would like to get involved or not.

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