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EV- Charging At Home

Charging Your Electric Car At Home

There are common misconceptions when it comes to EV (Electric Vehicle) charging and how difficult it can be or how long the charge lasts. EV’s are becoming more and more common on our roads and are a great way to help the environment. There is no need to worry about the charge on your EV, they are specially designed to get you where you need to go and back again.

Just like you would in a petrol car, planning will always be involved in ensuring your car is fuelled and ready to go. But one of the bonuses of EV ownership is home charging. No need to pop to the petrol station before you leave or sit in the queue waiting. Simply plug your car in and let it charge. GASLEC will show you how charging your electric car at home is the perfect answer for you and your electric car.

The Benefits Of Using A Home Car Charger

We touched on the first benefit of using a home car charger above. No need to plan for going to the petrol station. Simply plug your EV in over night and let it charge ready for the next day. With proper installation they are amazingly safe and there is no worry about problems arising. Remember to check if your installer is trained and trusted in EV car charger installation, like us here at GASLEC, it is important to have your new charger fitted correctly. They are weather resistant too, so they can stand up to the British weather with no worry.

Can My EV Have A Scheduled Charge

As with some electric appliances, people can get worried about having something plugged in overnight. Most electric car charger units are able to schedule your charge and power down when they have finished. This is great for scheduling your car to charge when the rates are cheaper, such as between 1am and 5am. Check with your provider to find out when the cheaper rates are and schedule your car to charge then, some people do have special offers on the rates they are charged at certain times, so take advantage!

The Cost To Charge My EV At Home

The cost of charging an electric car can vary depending on the tariff you have with your provider, so it is always good to shop around for the best deal. The easiest way to figure out how much it costs to charge your car from zero to full is to take the size of your battery for your electric and multiply it by the cost of your electricity, pence per kWh.

For example: You have a 42kWh battery in your EV and your electric costs 14p per kWh. So, the sum would be: –
42 x £0.14p = £5.88

A great way of working out how much your full charge is costing you.

Home Car Charging Installation Exeter

If you are looking for the best home car charging installation in Exeter for charging your electric car at home, then look no further than GASLEC. We are partnered with Rolec Ev and can fit this low-cost system in no time. For more information on how home charging can suit you contact us today and discover the difference GASLEC can make.

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