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The Environmental Benefits Of A New Boiler

New Boiler

With over half the of our energy bills spent on heating our home, when getting a new boiler, we keep an eye on the cost. Keeping an eye on the efficiency results in not only lower bills but its better for the environment too.

How An Efficient Boiler Helps The Environment

It’s simple really, over the years technology and requirements have changed. Meaning new boilers have to meet different expectation.

Since 2004 all UK fitted need condensing technology, which uses some of the exhaust gas too. This alone has made majority of boiler 90% efficient compared to the previous 50%. This basically means the emissions are much less and hence better for the environment. Also with good insulation the overall usage will have a better impact on the emissions you generate.

How Much Will A New Boiler Cost

It will vary from supplier to supplier but once installed the overall running cost will be much lower compared to a boiler that is over 10 years old, meaning a reduction in your bills through the year. Many installers now have boiler finance plans that give you the choice of how you want to pay and spreading the cost of purchase & installation.


If you need a new gas central heating boiler fitted or alternatively, if you would like an engineer to visit your property and give you a no-cost and no-obligation assessment of the condition of a gas boiler or central heating system, please contact us.

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