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Why Are Electrical Services & Safety Inspections So Important?

Electrician is repairing the sockets. Removes insulation from wires

We rely on electrical wiring to keep our homes and businesses functioning properly. Whether we’re switching the kettle on for a cup of tea or ringing up a customer’s bill, we use electricity every day. It’s easy to take this power for granted. Many people forget that electrical services and safety inspections are incredibly important. Without them, you can never be sure that your system hasn’t deteriorated or become dangerous.

Malfunctioning electrics are no joke. If you’re lucky, poor wiring will simply trip a fuse. In a less desirable scenario, someone could become seriously injured. Over 20,000 fires in UK homes are caused by faulty electrical products. Many of these fires could have been prevented with routine electrical services and inspections.

Read on to find out more about how electrical checks and services can keep homes and businesses safe.

Electrical Installations

If you have an electrical product that requires installation, such as a new switch or outlet, it’s best to call in a qualified, reliable electrician. A correctly performed installation ensures that the unit is safe for everyone who uses it. In addition to this, running a new wire through your walls is neither an easy nor safe task. A professional will be well-versed in the safe handling of electrical currents and wires. This gives you peace of mind that you won’t be exposed to excess currents or hazardous electrics.

This also applies to outdoor electrical installations. A professional will make sure that all electrics are safe from the elements, including water.

Electrical Installations
electrical socket repairs

Electrical Repairs

If you spot any signs of electrical damage, you should call a professional straight away. These signs can include buzzing noises, burning smells, frayed wiring or flickering lights. All of these things can indicate an issue that will get out of hand if left untreated.

If you’re given an electric shock by any of the outlets or appliances in your home, you must switch it off and call an electrician immediately. Electric shocks should never be ignored because they often mean that your appliance isn’t earthed correctly. This can result in lethal shocks if left unchecked.

EICR Certificates

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. While these are a legal requirement for landlords before letting a property, they should also be considered essential to any property owner. An EICR gives you peace of mind that your electrics are safe. It will also give you some information about which of your components might need maintenance in future.

If you’ve decided to sell your home, your solicitor might ask you to provide an EICR certificate. Although this isn’t a legal requirement, it could put a potential buyer off. By obtaining this certificate, you’re reassuring home buyers that your property is safe and fit for habitation.

For Electrical Services In Exeter, Call Gaslec

No matter what electrical service you need, the team at Gaslec are happy to help. We’re a team of highly experienced electricians serving domestic and commercial customers throughout Devon. You can call on us for routine installations and inspections, as well as emergency services. Get in touch today for our expert advice and services.

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