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Electrical Safety Certificates For Landlords, Agents & Homeowners

GASLEC Exeter Specialise in Electrical Inspections and Electrical Safety Certifications. At GASLEC Exeter, our electrical engineers are fully certified and qualified to conduct electrical inspections and issue electrical safety certificates for landlords, agents and homeowners. A GASLEC Home Buyers Survey demonstrates that the gas and electrical systems in a property have been comprehensively tested and are operating, as they should.

Electrical Safety Certificates

Whether you’re a landlord or looking to sell a property, presenting your property with its electrical systems in good working order is important to ensure your potential tenants can have peace of mind.

An electrical safety certificate issued by GASLEC ensures to anyone interested in your property that all electrical systems are safe and working order, looking out for any overloaded circuits or equipment that may be a potential electric shock of fire hazard. Landlords and property sellers can potentially put tenants at risk by offering up a property which may not be safe or in accordance with current electrical safety standards.

Required By Law

Landlords are required by law to ensure that the electrical systems in a property up for rent are completely safe before and during a tenancy, all appliance should also be checked to be safe and any property with multiple occupants must also have an inspection of the electrical systems carried out every five years.

GASLEC recommend that you an electrical inspection is carried out on properties by landlords, letting agents and potential home buyers and tenants.

Below are examples of electrical safety certificates that GASLEC can issue.

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Our accreditations cover the following services

Gas Fire

Gas Services

Our team of engineers will ensure that you the gas appliances, boilers, central heating and fires are all maintained correctly and safely.

plumber tightening nut on pipe

Plumbing Services

Your property is in safe hands with Gaslec Ltd. We ensure that all plumbing in your house is safe to use.

new house

Agents & Landlords

If you have a range of properties or are looking to rent a property out that requires safety certificates then GASLEC Ltd are here to help.


Electrical Testing

Our fully trained electricians ensure that the property’s electrics are working correctly and is safe to reside in.

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