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3 Signs Your Radiator Is In Need Of Repair

3 Signs Your Radiator Is In Need Of Repair

Do you know the signs your radiator may be going wrong? Most people don’t and only really notice when you feel the chill. Here at GASLEC we have experienced plumbers that, with their expert knowledge, can identify any issues you may have. Below are the top 3 signs you may have an issue with your radiator, and it may be time to call in the professionals.

Radiator Leaks

It is common for a radiator to release a small amount of moisture from time to time, if you notice a wet patch or puddle of water around your radiator, it could be a sign that the radiator may have cracked and is in need of repair or replacement.

The Radiator Feels Cold

This may seem like an obvious sign but if your heating is running and a radiator is still cold, there is an issue with the unit, and you should contact your local radiator repair service.

It could be as simple as a thermostat needing replacing or the system may need to bled due to a build-up of air. Most issues as a result of cold radiators are fixable with professional help.

The Radiator Is Overheating

A radiator overheats when the flow is blocked or there is a build-up of material somewhere inside the unit. This can result in the radiator wasting energy or in more extreme circumstances, the radiator may crack. If you should notice this with any of your radiators, contact your local professional as soon as possible to ensure it does not become a major problem.

Radiator Repairs Exeter

Are your radiators in need of servicing, repairing, balancing, and flushing? If so, GASLEC Ltd have professional plumbers in Exeter with an extensive breadth of knowledge to deal with any issues you may experience with your radiators and heating systems. Regular radiator servicing and maintenance will maximise the efficiency of your radiators ensuring they heat your property properly. So, if you live in Exeter or the surrounding areas and need your radiators servicing, contact GASLEC today.

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